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My Makeup Collection and Brand New Storage – The Glam Beauty Box!

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My Makeup Collection and Brand New Storage – The Glam Beauty Box!

Several weeks ago, as I was getting ready for work, I looked at my Muji 5 Drawer Acrylic storage box, and felt like I needed to apologize to it. Despite the fact that I only use it to store my most commonly used essentials, it looked burdened; life weary, even. If Muji Drawers had feelings, they would feel the way I do when I go to the grocery store thinking I don’t need a basket, then regrettably hobble to the checkout balancing 5 liters of seltzer water and 5 or 10 other “essentials” I picked up along the way. Not only were my acrylic drawers overstuffed, but my supplementary drawers were also filling up with makeup, much of which I used just as much as the items in the Muji box.  It was time to admit that I’d outgrown my storage system. This is how the Glam Beauty Box came into my life.

At first I considered getting a second set of Muji drawers since I’d been so pleased with them. But as much as I love them, they do have their shortcomings. It was hard to store some of my larger palettes in them because the drawers were so shallow.  I also had several blushes and lipsticks that are too tall to fit, so I really wanted something with deeper drawers. I looked at The Clear Cube. It was cool, but it was way too big for my limited counter space, and $300 was far more than I was willing to spend. I also looked at options on eBay, like this acrylic 4-drawer system with top caddy. The price was right at $117, and it looked suitably roomy – but again, the dimensions were far too deep for it to fit on my tiny bathroom counter.

Surprisingly, it was Instagram the led me to the Glam Beauty Box. The moment I stumbled across the photo, I checked the website for the dimensions, and was ecstatic to see that it would fit (but just barely) on my tiny counter.  Additionally, the height of the bottom drawer was taller than any of the other options I’d explored, which was a huge selling point for me. It was specially priced at the time – $130 ($156 with tax and shipping), which, while not the least expensive option, was not outlandish. It’s worth noting that once I received it, I felt the price was an excellent deal considering quality of the construction.

Here are the dimensions for the Glam Beauty Box:

Total: 12″W x 8″D x 12 1/2″H
Top Drawer: 1″ H
Middle Drawers: 3 1/2″ H
Bottom Drawer: 4 1/2″ H

I waited until this past Friday to transfer everything over – it was important for me to choose a night when I knew I could take my time. My usual Friday night plans were cancelled, and reorganizing my makeup actually sounded like a peaceful alternative to a night out. I don’t know about you guys, but makeup organization is a ritual for me, and I actually get a lot of pleasure out of the process. There’s something intensely satisfying about seeing my whole collection laid out before me. I took lots of pictures, so instead of boring you with more jibber-jabber, how about I just show you how it went? Less talk, more rock!



My poor, overburdened Muji drawers. This is about 70% of my most used makeup products.



This is the box as it arrived. Batu is pumped!



Size comparison – the Glam Beauty Box will obviously be able to store everything in my Muji drawers and more.



First things first – I took out all my most used makeup items and separated them into groups.
























I’m very happy about how sturdy this box is – the acrylic width is nice and wide, and the box as a whole feels solid and has some weight to it.



The Glam Beauty Box comes with 3 separators like this one. I only needed two of them for this go-round, but I like having the option of using the third as my collection changes.



I put all my pencils, my brow powder, and my mascara in the top drawer. Even though they cover the drawer, there’s plenty of room to stack a whole second layer of pencils in here.



All my lip products went into the second drawer, as well as my eyeshadow singles. The drawer was a bit too short to stand everything up, but I was fine with stacking.



The third drawer holds all my palettes and blushes. When I took this photo, I’d also included my concealers in this drawer, but I later moved them to the bottom drawer.



The bottom drawer holds all my powders, primers, highlighters, and bronzers. I later added my concealers to this drawer. The only foundation that fit in this drawer standing up was my Chanel Perfection Lumiére – the rest live on top.



Aw yeah! Lookin’ good!



Haaaay, Glam Beauty Box! Can I get that number?



All done!


If you’re interested in picking up a Glam Beauty Box for your own collection, they are only sold through the Glam Beauty Box website. They are sadly sold out at the moment, but according to their Instagram feed, they will be taking preorders in the near future, and will be back in stock soon at a special price.  In terms of ship time – I ordered the box on July 21st, and received a shipping notification on July 23rd. Though the shipping method used was FedEx Ground, there was no tracking number included. This bummed me out a little – one of my favorite pastimes is obsessively tracking packages. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long for it – it arrived on my doorstep in North Carolina on July 29th.

EDIT 07/12/2013: I just wrote to Glam Beauty Box to ask when these will be back in stock. Good news! Not only will they be back in stock in September, but they are also working on two additional models! Glam Beauty Box will begin accepting preorders possibly within the next two weeks.

How do you store your makeup? Are any of you dealing with limited counter space like me?